[25 October, 2017] Huntsville, AL – Brockwell Technologies announced today that the company has joined the Cyber Huntsville organization as a Sustaining Member.

Cyber Huntsville was officially incorporated as a 501(c)(6) Nonprofit on June 10, 2011, exclusively to promote and represent the common interests of members of industry, academia and government whose business or focus are cyber activities that include or relate to cyber engineering, cyber systems development, cyber forensics, cyber research, development, and education and/or cyber systems, products or services.

Cyber Huntsville’s stated mission is “To build a national cyber center with global reputation and global reach, leveraging the unique synergies amongst Government, industry, and academia across the Tennessee Valley and building upon our proven capabilities in RDT&E to address current and evolving cyber challenges as a significant part of the national cyber initiative. As part of this mission we will educate the entire Tennessee Valley community on Cyber Security.”

Recognizing the importance of cyber security to the United States in both the commercial and government sectors, BTI has made significant investments in recent years to improve and expand its product and service offerings in the Cyber domain. As a sustaining member, BTI will support Cyber Huntsville’s efforts to:

– Advocate for the Tennessee Valley Region to Be Known As a Cyber Center of Excellence

– Communicate Cyber Information across the Tennessee Valley Region

– Educate, Coordinate and Integrate the Community’s Cyber Activities

– Promote Economic Development in Cyber across the Tennessee Valley Region

– Provide the Catalyst to Initiate, Build, and Exercise a World Class Cyber Workforce and Cyber

Capabilities in the Tennessee Valley Region

– Support Cyber Resiliency in the Tennessee Valley Region

BTI President Tim Brockwell said, “Joining Cyber Huntsville as a sustaining member reflects the importance that BTI places on Cyber technology for Huntsville and for our national security. From a business perspective, the demand for cyber security services and technologies is only going to increase, and that increasing demand provides tremendous economic growth potential for Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley.”

Visit the Cyber Huntsville Website