Systems/Software Engineering

BTI Systems and Software Engineering Services include Model-Based Systems and Software Engineering (MBSE), Real-Time Embedded Software Development; Process Definition and Improvement; Requirements Engineering; System and Software Architecture Design, Development, Integration and Deployment; DoDAF/UPDM Architecture Development and Modeling; Information Technology (IT) Guidance and Support; Custom Digital Design; and Integrated Logistics Support and Asset Management.

As an internationally-recognized IBM Business Partner, BTI provides unmatched, customized support for the IBM IoT/Rational suite of development tools, which include the popular Jazz, Rhapsody and DOORS suite of tools. As an RTI Business Partner, BTI provides unmatched, customized support for the RTI DDS suite of development tools.

Contact us today for support in any of these areas:

  • Cradle-to-Grave Real-Time Embedded System Development
  • System/Software Architecture Design, Modeling and Simulation
  • Web/Embedded Web Services & Applications Development
  • Database Architecture Design / Database Management Services
  • Online Database Application Development
  • Operating Systems/Windowing Systems Support:
    • MS Windows
    • Linux
    • X-Windows
    • Embedded X-Windows
    • VxWorks
    • Green Hills
    • RT Linux
  • Programming Language Support:
    • C, C++, Ada, Java, C#, National Instruments LabView
  • Tools Support: Consulting / Training / Implementation
    • IBM Jazz Suite of Tools
    • IBM Rational Rhapsody Suite (UML/SysML Model-Driven Design / Code Generation)
    • IBM Rational Publishing Engine
    • Harmony SE Work Flow and Process Support
    • IBM DOORS and DOORS NexGen Requirements Management Tool
    • RTI DDS
  • Methodology Training / Implementation (Model Driven Development)
  • Modeling Language Training / Employment (UML / SysML)